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Will I see "PROOF" watermark in final e-card I download after paying?

No, PROOF watermark will disappear as soon as you make the payment and download the card. However, “Crafted with ♥ by www.kards.in” will remain as a requirement for copyright.


Can I use this e-card for printing?

No, the download quality is not suitable printing. This e-invite is meant only to be shared digitally via WhatsApp, Message app, email and other social media.


I have already purchased an e-invite, but I want to fix a spelling error. How to do it?

No problem! We can help. Please email designteam@kards.in with the text changes you need. We will be happy to fix it for you within 24 hours.


I need to share the e-invite with 5 guests. Will I be charged 5 times?

No, you will pay just once per e-invite download. Once you make the payment and download the card, you will receive a PNG image that you can share with any number of guests.


I want to combine two cards and/or make changes to the design. How to do it?

Unfortunately, we do not support custom design changes. Please choose from one of the designs already available. But, there are no limitations to make changes to the text.