Storytelling Wedding Invitations to reveal the love story!

How did you two meet? Where did you go for your first date? How did he propose? Did you share any small displays of love? What is he/she like? Do you think your guests will like to know about these? Story-telling wedding invitation to rescue! At Kards, we can design a creative narrative of your love story and let your invitation answer the million questions your guests have about how you both came together!

We often see only Brides enthusiastic about designing wedding invitations. You two are going to spend the rest of your lives as a team – so why exclude him? The two of you can make something beautiful with your wedding invitation, which may have never occurred to you if you had it done all by yourself. You’re telling a story, and the love you share is the protagonist :-)

Here are few invitations to show how storytelling invitations may be the best for you!

A "Two states" wedding invitation that beautifully illustrates the difference in culture and traditions of the families coming together. It shows what it takes for two people from different states to become one happy family :-)

This invitation beautifully illustrates how it all started with a "hello" ;-) This is perfect for a relationship that came together through endless whatsapp chats, skype and facetime calls.

An invitation that beautifully illustrates the story of a couple with the traditional Warli art :-) This is the perfect blend of traditional art with the uniqueness of your own story. And Boom! there is the contemporary invite you have been searching for.

Sometimes simple illustrations can say a lot more than what enormous words can say. An invitation designed to show the journey of a couple from their first meeting, first date to their proposal. Oh yeah, he proposed to her on a starry night! How can we not get that in the wedding card?

Wondering what to do if are having an arranged marriage? Who said arranged marriages don't have a story to tell? It's two people brought together by the people who brought them to this world! This invitation beautifully illustrates how the couple's parents brought them together.

Are you ready to say your story to the world? Look no further. We do it best :-) Reach out

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