Show off your Professions in your Wedding Invite

A Wedding invitation is the first annoucement that your guests receive on how your 'big day' is going to unfold. And that is reason enough to make it special! But how? Couples these days want their wedding invitation to be personalized, i.e, Something that matches their personality and style. While there are many ways to express one's personality, a wedding invitation that connects you with your profession are the ones in the inspiration board right now!

Why your profession?

While there a hundred things that describe the personality of someone, there is one thing that describes their passion! And that's your Profession :-) As they say, "You're what you do"! If you're someone, who identifies yourself closely connected to your profession, these suggestions are for you!!

A "Blue" print invitation designed according to the specification of an Architect couple :-) After all, they get to "design" their invite :-)

A cute caricature invitation of a doctor couple :-) That's right, they are to be 'a family of doctors' ;-)

A cute caricature invitation of a couple making a 'Karaoke Night' out of their wedding invitation :-) She is a singer and he is a guitar player, aren't these two a rock band together? Makes it even more fun in their tambhram wedding outfit.

Check this out! A quirky invitation that reveals the itinerary of wedding imitating the amazon-delivery-timeline ;-) A creative idea inspired by the groom who works for Amazon :-)

An invitation inspired by Chess board for a groom who is a Chess champ :-) It's time for the King and Queen to face off the game of a lifetime!

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