Impress your Bridesmaid with cute E-cards!

A perfect wedding is 'The Dream' for every bride! After all, she has been planning this day for years. Well, that means a lot of pressure on that big day, which has to live up to all her dreams and desires. A small change in the decoration is all it takes for a bride to become a bridezilla! And that's not how any bride wants to go through the most important day of her life! That's right! Maid of honor to rescue! Maid of honor is the bride's best friend who is by her side throughout the day just to keep her calm! Having said that, isn't it important for the bride to pamper her 'maid of honor' for all the trouble she is going to put her through?

We, at Kards have a few ideas for how you can pamper your maid of honor :-)

Will you be my Bridesmaid?

Your fiance isn't the only one who gets to pop the question! Asking your close friends to be bridesmaids shows them how much they mean to you! Also, having a squad of bridesmaids makes all the wedding planning so much more fun! Whether it's a cute bridesmaid proposal or a bridezilla callout, We at Kards can help you make it all the more special :-)

You can also design this card in the shape of bridesmaid dress to give them a heads up on what they're signing up for ;-)


Pamper your bridesmaids!

Pamper your Bridesmaid with a party that gives them special spa, manicure, pedicure, etc. Here you can discuss and plan the job and responsibility of each bridesmaid in your wedding. To make it more interesting, you can create a logo for this party and it could be centered around the theme of your wedding!


Provide them with the entire itinerary in advance!

Design a cute itinerary card exclusively for your bridesmaid providing them the entire itinerary. That is, right from the pamper party to the wedding!


Send them a Thank you note!

Now that the show is over, take the time to thank your squad for all that you put them through! You can do this by sending them a thank you card with a handwritten message from you!


Ready to pamper the squad with amazing stationary designed just for them? Reach out

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