Family Caricature Wedding Invitations

Are you tired of the same old boring invitations? We get it! Your wedding announcement deserves all the attention. One of the ways to create a buzz for your big day is through fun caricature invitations. A little mini "you" never fails to put a smile on your guests' face. Want a broader smile? :-D Family Caricature Wedding Invitations are what you're looking for!! Designers at Kards can help you get there. You can design your caricature as subtle or exaggerated as you like :-)

Why Family Caricature Invitations ?

Caricatures make a great parody, especially of those serious people who are busy in wedding planning. Not only that, Family Caricature Invitations can work like an icebreaker and bring the two families closer together. That's right! You can nail fabulous, fancy and fun all at one go! And the best part - It serves as framable gifts, wedding favors and printable magnets too. Awesome, isn't it?

Here are some of our work creating memorable family caricature invitations. Trust us, these are the most popular ones in our portfolio right now.

Make it bigger than just the two of you

Family Caricatures can make guests feel more special as you're inviting them with your whole family :-) You can choose how to show a family member should look - their outfit, pose, background setting and even add fun props. You can make your dad dance (hardly happens in reality duh!)

Get a family portrait with the wedding ritual as setting

You can design your invitation with a caricature illustration of a particular ritual that is very special for your wedding. The 'oonjal ceremony' is one of the most beautiful and colorful ceremonies of a Tamil-Brahmin Wedding. How can we not capture that in a family portrait?

Move your guests with a "moving" invitation!

Don't get it? Check this out! A family inviting their guests to a destination wedding through a video!! The bride told us she caught her mom looking at the video every 5 mins. How can one stop looking at her family move to favorite song in the background? We don't blame her ;-)

Include the cutest member of your family!

What is a wedding invite that doesn't include the sweetest member of your family in it? That's right! The bride couldn't do it without her pet doggy :-)

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