Destination Wedding Invitations

With the amount of work and stress that goes behind wedding planning, soon-to-be-wed these days want to get far away from the madding crowd and celebrate their love in a gorgeous location with an intimate crowd. Destination wedding is the best 'rescue plan', if you're one of those couple. Thanks to the very nature of destination weddings which require travel, a longer time commitment and hotel stays from your guests — gives you the perfect excuse to cut down on an often unmanageable number of invitees. Also, it takes someone special for whom a guest will take time off work and plan just to be part of your 'big day'! That being said, Destination weddings are typically very intimate affairs, with the closest family and friends in attendance. So it is only imperative that the wedding invite for such 'special guests' is just as special!

Being true to the place but diverse by design, a destination wedding invite should have it all. Considering the fact that your guests are being whisked away to a (mostly) new destination, it is only considerate to provide them with details of the events that are to follow (for the next 2 or 5 days of your wedding). And the good news is, whether you plan your wedding in picturesque mountaintops, vineyards or white-sand beaches you can design a wedding invitation that matches the theme and vibe of the destination. Custom invitation designer like Kards can help you get there!

After all, you have to get your friends and family excited to make a mini vacation out of your wedding!!

Destination Wedding Invitation Etiquette

In keeping with the theme of your wedding (of which the destination plays a huge part), you can design the invite(s) to reflect the same. Wedding etiquette says a destination wedding should have at least 3 basic parts:

A save the date card (with an RSVP)

The courteous thing to do is to send out save-the-date cards as soon as you have a date and location finalized. Even if you're still working out venue details, it is helpful to give your guests as much time to make arrangements for their travel and accommodation.

The main wedding invite

The main wedding invite should include all logistics and details on transportation, accommodation, event plans, dress code, local attractions etc. of your wedding destination. On top of all that, you can also tell your guest your 'how we met' story with a creative story-telling invitation. Trust me, this can be quite fun!

An itinerary carrying details of the event(s)

This is to help your guests plan well ahead of the event and know what to expect.

There are plenty of avenues to be inventive. A fun way to indicate that you are jetting off someplace else for your wedding is providing your guests with a boarding pass. Confused? Take a look!

You can push the boundaries by designing passports for your guests, with a visa stamping that provide details about the ceremony. This can be further accessorized by providing details about venue and logistics through custom made baggage tags. Finally, the RSVP form imitating the immigration form can be provided for the guests to let you know of their attendance.

Truly transformative you say? It sure is!

If you thought the boarding pass was THE pinnacle of creativity, dig this - For a destination wedding, we designed an invite in the form of a newspaper!

This Newspaper carried details about the bride, groom, their story, event itinerary, a map of the 200-acre resort where the wedding was taking place and crossword puzzles customized to the wedding! To add more, it carried a sports column detailing the cricket match that had been organized as part of the festivities! This newspaper was kept in every guest's room and was also provided during the transportation from the airport to the destination.

Boarding passes, newspapers, Storyboards, interactives - no matter what way you choose to go, make it exceptional and one of a kind.

Weddings are remarkable occasions. And when you are making it intimate by choosing a destination that is close to your heart, create the experience right from the start. Let it be a mark in time, not only for you but for all your dear ones. As a great playwright has rightly written, “You’ll find, my friend, that what you love will take you places you never dreamed you'd go".

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