Creative Regional Wedding Invitations

A wedding is all about rituals, tradition and celebrating your culture. Thanks to the vast cultural, linguistic diversity in India, weddings are celebrated differently by different families. And it is a trend now to design an invitation that connects you to your roots!! It not only highlights your traditions and culture, but also gives your guests a hint on what to expect on your big day! Sounds fun.. Isn't it??

But does showing traditions mean boring old-school invitations? Not at all! With creative wedding invitation designers like Kards, you can make your invitations quite interesting! Here are a few inspirations for you.

Show the traditional you

You can design your invitation with a cute cartoon representation of a bride and groom in your traditional wedding costume. Not a fan of pomp and show, rather an elegant display of culture symbolizes the beauty of a Marathi Wedding.

marthi wedding invitation

The exotic culture of Kannada wedding is marked by the simplicity of the customs and rituals they follow.

Kannada Wedding invitation

Highlight those unique wedding rituals

You can design your invitation with a cartoon illustration of a particular ritual that is very special for your wedding. The 'oonjal' ceremony is one of the most beautiful and colorful ceremonies of a Tamil-Brahmin Wedding. How can we leave that out?

Tambhram oonjal wedding invitation

The Talambralu is the fun ceremony in a Telugu-Brahmin wedding. Here the bride and groom shower each other with turmeric rice. Sounds fun, isn't it?

Telugu Talambralu wedding invitation

Spice it up with a Caricature

Replace the cartoon characters with a couple caricature ;-) A caricature will make your guests go WOW. Here is a funny Tambrahm caricature wedding invitation of a couple who are playing their 'dum dum dum' !!

Caricature tambhram invitation

Are you both from different states?

We have something for you as well. We designed a multi-insert "Two states" wedding invitation to show what it takes for people from two different families and cultural backgrounds to come together in marriage. 

Two states Indian wedding invitation

Be it a simple one day wedding or sophisticated week long celebration, we have the right invitation design to convey your wedding theme to your guests.

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